#HellurrrandomPoetry: ‘The Remembrance of Things’

Creative industries in Nigeria
Photography by Ose Binitie

I remember when yellow was my favourite colour

‘Yellow is for little girls’, they said
‘Pink is for big girls’
So I cut off my ties with yellow and moved on to pink
I remember when keeping a diary was in vogue
I couldn’t keep up with filling every page of my life day and night after living it
What a bore, I thought, to rehash every single feeling on paper
I remember when having a best  friend was in vogue
You went everywhere together and did everything together
You dressed alike and liked the same things
Whether or not you really did
‘How “kinnish”‘, we thought
And when you suddenly change, as though you were awakened
 from a dream, your friendship is history
I remember when going to London holiday was in vogue
You would come back to school with a Nike bag and a new pair of Barratts
I remember when I used to say hi to random strangers, watching their discomfort in trying to decide whether to say hi the next time they saw me
I’m over that now, I laugh.
I’m more mature
I remember when I wanted to be a lawyer
People thought I was on the right track
I was outspoken. passionate, not so much
But outspoken…oh yeah, and I loved to argue!
Surely, this was what lawyers needed, I thought.
But my passion lay somewhere else
Buried in the heart of God
For souls to be won into His kingdom
For lives to be changed by His power
For the anointing to flow in His presence.
And that, my friend, is what I never want to forget.
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