Homemade Grilled Yam and Pork Leg Recipe!


Hellurr guys! Happy New Year!

How are the resolutions coming along? In the spirit of the new year, I thought I’d try a new recipe (which I invented, of course…lol!)

I mean, I have Jollof rice several times a week, and even though it’s always legendary, once in a while, you gotta try something new.

So, instead of the quintessential fried yam delicacy,  I roasted/grilled my yam slices, and my already diced Sainsbury’s pork leg.

food in lagos


 I seasoned  the pork with soy sauce, mixed herbs, all-purpose seasoning, salt, chicken seasoning and curry,  seasoned the yam slices with only curry and salt, and grilled for about 30 to 45 minutes.  and aha, there your African delight. It tasted really great!


Here are the ingredients!

Raw yam ( cut into slices)

Sainsburys diced pork leg

food in lagos                                            food in lagos

Amoy soy sauce

Schwartz mixed herbs

Table salt

Knorr all purpose seasoning

Schwartz chicken seasoning
Schwartz medium curry powder

food in lagosfood in lagos

Heinz ketch up

food in lagos


Oven with a grill
Aluminium foil (To line the grill rack)
Chopping board to dice the yam

oven mitts

Try the recipe and let me know how your version tasted!

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