#Style: 5 Ways to Rock a Dress With Sneakers!


I’ve been incredulous to the idea of pairing sneakers with a dress mostly because I hadn’t found a trial worthy one, but then I finally did on Cassie Davies’ blog, and it sure gave me inspiration to churn out this post: 5 Ways to pair your sneakers with a Dress.

1. Get a super short, superchic hair cut to give the sneakers and dress combo even more edge! The hair pairs nicely with the sharp cuts of both dresses.


This hair cut reminds me of my Anita Baker days…lol …There’s a picture of me in short hair here!

2.  Pair a sleeveless inner dress with a button down outer dress. The outer dress could be denim or could be a print dress as the one Cassie Daves is wearing above 0d65fe0fdfa37817934f107c564ca544

3. Wear your sneakers with a short body con dress. Get this £12 New Look dress for half price here!


4. Wear a longer dress. This dress is way below the knee, but an point is that the model has extra dosesof confidence and pose to rock it!


5. Pair your sneakers with A- line dress. Give your classy dress a playful edge!



I’m totally loving the energy of this model as well as the dress. #nonchalance

Also loving the pieces of jewellery and accessories!


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Note: This Blogger pleads fair use as regards every image used.

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