Hellurrr Rodizio Rico!



Hey guys!

I tried out Brazilian restaurant, Rodizio Rico yesterday, and it was splendid!

The ambience of the place was popping with orange lights, rustic with some wooden elements, and interesting with the buffet of food serving as the focal point. Cooks turned all manner of pork, beef, lamb and gammon barbecues with so much delight, and the waiters seemed like they enjoyed their job. Some of them had a certain Italian je ne sais quoi.

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There was Brazilian music playing in the background, and I was greeted by the reservation lady who led me to my table and laid out the menu of drinks out before me. I picked mango juice which was delicious . At the buka, I had Mixed Rice, much akin to the Nigerian Fried Rice, Beef Lasagne which is the best lasagne I’ve ever tasted, btdubs! I also had Coleslaw salad which was super rich, colourful, and drizzled in a blanket of mayo! Top that with delicious beans which were A star ! I loved the tangy taste of the vinaigrette with deliciously crunchy and colourful peppers. I will surely hunt down the recipe and try it out. The Aubergine salad was nice to, but not as unforgettable as the vinaigrette!


I got this image from amazing blogger, halalgirlabouttown.com Follow her on twitter @halal_girl
I got this image from amazing blogger, halalgirlabouttown.com Follow her on twitter @halal_girl

Waiters presented an array of mouth watering  meats on indomitable metal kebabs and I had my ‘stop and go’ card (image above) on the table to tell them if I wanted more or not. I especially liked the ‘gizzardy’ taste of the chicken hats, the porky goodness of the ribs, but the rich gammon my favourite! The ham may have been a tad salty though, and the beef tasted slightly stale, and I prayed really hard that I would not have a ‘Bridesmaids movie’ moment. It’s the next day now and thankfully I didn’t.

Rodizio has really thoughtful plus business savvy waiters, with one of them noticing I had finished my mango juice and asked me if I would like another drink. I opted for guava juice and it was simply phenomenal! I only wish they had more though, because I felt I had to shuffle a bit to get one to make me a reservation for another date!


Yup, Rodizio Rico is that good!

Imma be trying them out again soon enough!


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