London Life, Costa Living.



There’s something about Costa that makes me feel it appeals to the working/learned class

Could it be its deliciously rustic/earthy/environmentally friendly decor, or how its photos hanging gloriously on its walls advocate literacy?


One thing is for sure, every time I come in to Costa, I leave inspired; whether it is by the poise of a dainty customer or the friendliness of a server.

I remember the first time I had the Costa meatball wrap. It was so divine, I thought I was in heaven, even though I did not have the exact feeling the second time around.



The Chicken Fajita wrap I’ve had twice is stuffed¬†with shards of chicken in tomatoey goodness , going deliciously well with tango.

I utterly love the ambience of Costa because they are not ones to subliminally wheel you out when you’re done with your wrap. You can relax and have a good read.



Little wonder there’s a Costa in Waterstones







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Ose Binitie

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