Travelogue: Spoils from Cambridge!


I took a solo trip to Cambridge by train to do something a tad adventurous. Cambridge is such an academic town. I guess that’s one of the things I like about it. It is also quiet, and nobody uses oyster cards…lol

I visited the University of Cambridge Botanic Garden and the Fitzmaurice Museum. The Botanic Garden has a couple of beautiful gardens sprawled over 60 acres of land.  It’s a great place to take pictures and the people are super nice. The Glasshouse Range had so many beautiful and interesting plants. Beside the Main Lawn, there was a picturesque fountain surrounded by a another set of plants.




img_0406 img_0412 img_0413 img_0432 img_0452 img_0455

The Scented Garden was close to the Autumn Garden, which had really tall trees, and a lawn which seated the chair of ‘Happy Memories’. Its great view afforded me the opportunity to set my DSLR to timer, and I took pictures of myself twirling on the large expanse of land. It was a fun experience, albeit camera struggles (lol).



img_0468 img_0469 img_0473

The Cambridge Botanic Garden had other gardens including the Winter Garden, The Stream Garden and The Woodland Garden, some of which I went to, as I was also scheduled to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum!

The Fitzwilliam Museum had three floors, with the first floor covering British and European art, the ground floor loaded with Egyptian  and Greek art and the lower ground floor, Roman and Ancient Sudanese art. I caught a glimpse of old British cutlery and crockery, as well as British, Italian and Spanish fighting gear including shields, swords, clubs and machetes. With little time, I was unable to capture with my camera all the wonders of the museum in all its glory; not adding the fact that the museum allowed non-flash photography.

img_0514 img_0512 img_0511 img_0509


img_0484 img_0485


There was also a store that sold souvenirs and keepsakes, including jewelry, hair accessories, postcards(my favourite), Greek face statues and books some with particularly humorous titles)! Of course, I bought a couple of goodies!



img_0491 img_0494 img_0506 img_0507

My goodies:)
My goodies:)

I really enjoyed my trip to Cambridge with its redder-than-London brick buildings and its intellectual calm. I planned to make a date with the Bridge of Sighs and some other colleges at the University of Cambridge, but time was far spent.

I’ll definitely go back!







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