#HellurrrandomProse: The Azure

Azure was the colour of my Aunt Ola’s phone. It was almost square, cropped by two curves on alternate sides. I hardly ever touched it but I remember that one could almost completely hide it in both hands. Aunty Ola also loved wedges. She was a collector of wedged slippers, sandals and shoes which she stashed in their brand boxes, one atop another , a foot from her big bed with cozy duvets.

When I was young, I would hug her in my huggy, huggy way and we would talk about the things I thought amazing in my childlike mind. She was easy to talk to; my favourite aunt in all the world. Though I was an ‘aunties’ person, she made me forget I had many favourite aunties when I was in her company. I remember dreaming she came over to my place¬†late one evening. My happy mind and eyes awakened, willing the dream to be true, and it was! She was right there, with her braids tucked into a black net, sleeping right beside me. Giddy, I prepared eagerly for school, knowing we would play catch up later.

But miles became hundreds of kilometres and dry season became winter. I should have ‘grabbed’ faster than the sons of Issachar that the times had changed. Hugs became less and less huggy, and conversations ran abruptly.

But I would never forget the last thing she gave me: my onesie pajamas, red and pink, with love shaped hearts too numerous to count drizzled on the cotton fabric. I loved how they smelled like clean laundry after a conditioned wash.

I think of her every night as as I peel off my day clothes and change into my red and pink hearty pajamas. But then again, I’m a ‘pajamas’ person; I have many of those as well.

Image Credit: Ose Binitie

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