Food Review: Serene versus Life-On-The-Fast-Lane Vibes Chez PanCake Hub

Where to get American breakfast in Lagos

Trudging through a gate into the building and though a footpath, my friend Dups and I beheld a quaint little hut-esque structure in a serene environment with loads of greens, Never mind that it was slightly uneasy to find because there wasn’t exactly a logo at number 17 Jibowu Street. Let me take that back. There wasn’t a logo of pancake hub that I could see without crossing the street and standing really close to it.

On a high note, we were greeted by polite cooks and an easy going manager also interacted with us quite a bit,  who definitely spread that ease.

I also had this debate with Dups about the ambience being too serene. I feel like pancakes are not the average Nigerian breakfast (lol, yes we went in the morning), and so I would have preferred a life-on-the-fast-line kind of vibe

But i guess serene also works…hmm

What does anyone think?

PS: We also had an interesting conversation with Musa from Brainiacs. So just in case you want to learn to code, hit the website

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