#MusicPlaylist: 10 Tracks I’ve been Vibing to Most Recently


Hey Guys.


Welcome to another random post.lol


In times of deep mental and physical stress, music and handstands get us through. 


There was a time I was really current with music, but that time is not now. I listen to music on a whim and my ears randomly catch things that I fall in love with. So basically right now, I have some cool songs I have been vibing to that I just thought to share randomly. There’s no pressure here. If you want heavy musicality and analytics, head over to emphaticdynamo.net



1. ‘Still Have You’ by Charlie Wilson

2. ‘Hey Lovely’ by Omolara Music

3. ‘Are You Here’ by Corinne Bailey Rae

4. ‘Ain’t Nobody’ cover by Jasmine Thompson

5. ‘Old Friends’ by Jasmine Thompson

6. ‘Sweetest Song’ by Olaitan Dada

7. ‘Bigger’ by Jekalyn Carr 

8. ‘Trouble Sleep Yanga Go Wake Am’ cover by Lindsey Abudei

9. ‘Footprints in the Sand’ by Leona Lewis

10. ‘As it Is (In Heaven)’ by Hillsong


I would have added Meredith Andrews’ ‘Spirit of The Living God’, but I think I have overlistened to and over loved that song, so I personally think the song is tired of me…lol


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*Disclaimer: Listeners are at liberty to change the lyrics of a song which do not ring true or feel right to their ears.

*Plus: we do not discount or minimise the effect of a quiet time with God on the impact of stress😊


Bt- dubs: I have a really cool branded ‘ The Economist’ headset , but my green headset is louder. So there😊




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