#Food: Hellurrrandom Special Fried Rice




Trust y’all an amazing weekend! Food is very special to me, and I find it be be a way to express myself. I have always had mini issues with making fried rice, having the rice slightly tasteless. But I have learned from Dooney’s Kitchen and Shalom Blac on snapchat that the way to make your rice really tasty is to season your vegetables while you fry. So check out my fried rice recipe here!





Green Pepper

Runner beans

Spring Onions

Sweet corn

Sausages/Chicken Franks


Green Pepper

Barbeque sauce

Maggi star cubes 


Groundnut oil





  1. Wash the rice and fry in groundnut oil
  2. Deep fry the vegetables and sausage, except the cabbage and season them with barbeque sauce, maggi star chicken, curry and thyme
  3. Add the already fried rice and stir
  4. Add water gradually as the delicacy simmers and seal the pot with aluminium foil for the meal to be properly steamed
  5. Add salt to taste
  6. Add cabbage when the fried rice is almost ready
  7. Serve give with protein of your choice!




The Fried Rice was definitely not tasteless. It was really rich!

Try out the recipe and tell me what you think?

What issues do you usually have when making Fried Rice?

Lemme have your comments!


This is Ose Binitie,

Lover of food and life signing out😊


Image Credit: Ose Binitiet


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