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Who is Davids design

A hearty chat with David’s Design revealed to me The Basics of Graphic Design, which consist of the line, the shape, the color, the texture, the value and the space.

When choosing a graphic designer to accompany you on your brand discovery and unleashing, ‘You need one that you can trust to ask you the right questions to help you get to the root of what you want’, David’s Design says.

They should ask basic and existential questions about you and your brand, like your idiosyncrasies and hobbies, your preferred colours, demographic, vision, mission, goals and many other questions. This is part of your brand builder work out.

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According to Davids Design, design is essentially solving problems and providing solutions, so your graphic designer’s works and  his personality should be able to solve your branding issues.

Explaining further, he says, ‘Your graphic designer doesn’t necessarily need to know everything, but must be able to make your problem his and help in finding the solution.’

Every designer has a language, a style. He or she might be able to do so many categories or styles of work but there’d always be a signature effect to their design, almost like a singer’s voice is unique to him. As long as you’re able to flow that, you can contract him.

Another thing to look out for, David’s Design says, is his inquisitiveness. It gives an insight into how much he or she is willing to get involved in your brand.
The conceptualisation stage could take a while, but it becomes faster when the client is part of it. But once the concept is right, the logo happens in minutes!


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