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Life has changed tremendously for me over these past weeks, and I thought to share some of my random thoughts that have made me smile in between 😊





How to speak french

1. French
I have always been a language person. In my head, I think it’d be super awesome to emote in delicious French midsentence. I’ve been practising actually, but it hasn’t happened organically yet. Still keeping my fingers crossed😊
I’ve seen the French translation of my favourite movie, ‘Wild Child’ many times, and it just makes you realise how much harder it is to speak French as opposed to how it was in high school. High school French was pretty slow, with the teachers waiting for you to catch up. In a movie and in real life , you are bombarded with a truckload of French, and the only saving grace is that you can pause or  rewind the movie, and translate on Google Translator😊

The Message Translation MSG

2. The Message Translation
This has given a whole different meaning to bible study. Buttery words from this version have been such a delight.
Funny enough, this translation reminds me of my friend, Dupe. It’s almost like, it talks like she would talk, lol.

This scripture from Matthew actually hit me hard, and caused me to ask myself whether I’m really confessing the word, or just feeling chill with myself because I know some scripture. Lol.

John Legend Ordinary People

3. John Legend

If there were anyone I’d want to interview,  it’d be the man with a super tall voice and amazing jazz inspiration, John Legend  It’d be a delight to pick his braib to get a first hand account of his musical influences and piano chord vocabulary. ‘Ordinary People’ is a piano masterpiece that keeps me thinking and rethinking chords, and my favourite track from him right now is ‘You and I’.

What’s your favourite John Legend track?

Who is Corinne Bailey Rae

4.Corinne Bailey Rae

Her music is like water from really clean bubbly springs. Ironically, it feels like I’m coming up for air whenever I listen to her. From the release of ‘Put Your Records On’ and ‘Just Like a Star’, I’ve been  hooked to Bailey Rae, in my normal ‘non-mainstream’ fashion. Her cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’ was is also superb.

What I utter love about her is her use of  live instruments, and this keeps me guessing.
I was investigating music from the Motown era, and I stumbled upon Gloria Jones’s ‘Go Now’ and some of its elements remind me so much of Corinne’s ‘Till it Happens To You’, especially the chord progression before the line ‘I’m still in love with you’, which Corinne echoes before and after the line, ‘There’s a little truth in between the words we’ve spoken’.

I could just imagine a collaboration between John Legend and Corinne Bailey Rae. It’d be electric, with major 7th chords flying all over the place😊😊😊


What do you think?

What’s been on the mainstream of your mind?

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Bt-dubs, I’m still changing my lyrics😊

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