#Poise101 #BookReview: ‘How To Be a Lady’ by Candace Simpson-Giles

This book covers etiquette for a variety of social situations including dinners, funerals, meeting the Queen, a day at the gym, travelling on an airplane and many others. It covers what a lady says, how she dresses and relates with others, and touches on issues of extreme etiquette.

It does not deal with technology on a large scale, but makes reference to turning off phones at events and meetings. I also like how Candace implores ladies not to waste time on the ATM machine, but to be considerate of others standing on the line.

I got this book about 4 years ago, and I’ve read it so many times. It is my go-to-book for etiquette energy. Whenever I gloss through a page, I just feel the urge to sit up straight or behave myself. Lool

There’s an updated version which I haven’t read, but I hope to do so as soon as I can😊

How ladies should behave


Purchase updated version here

What etiquette books have you read?
What rules of etiquette do you find not so easy to follow?
What is your favourite etiquette quote?

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