#ActorSpotlight : Interview with Burgeoning Actor, Bunmi Awolowo on Method Acting, Stage and So Much More!


One thing that is palpable about the amazing Bunmi Awolowo is her passion for acting. It literally seethes through her!
This emerging actor who has partaken in stage productions at Terra Kulture  and is currently on a Web Series ‘Dawn’, talks about her dreams so excitedly that I can’t help but buy into them!

I ask Bunmi about herself and how she discovered  her passion for acting and she says,

‘My name is AWOLOWO OLUWABUNMI.  People fondly call me ‘Bumbum’. I am a lover of the arts, Ia driven and passionate person who is lively, full  of joy and energy. Most importantly, I am a God lover! My love for acting is beyond what I can explain by just writing in words …*lol*
Acting for me is beyond  the fame or money; it’s live! It’s my first love after God. My journey  toward acting all started as young smart girl in Sunday school in church (All Saints Anglican Church Montgomery Road, Yaba ).  It all started  there, where we went for competitions with other Diocesan/Archdeaconry  in drama/music presentation  and then my church would always carry the trophy! Most especially  in drama,  for me it was something  I did for fun. I just always enjoy myself doing it *smiles*. And I would always obtain the prize for the best outstanding student in a talent presentation.

My church always had these events called ‘Pleasant Evening’, where children would come to display  their God given talents. It was something everyone  always looked forward to. It continued up to my secondary  school ( I pioneered the drama club in school. It was so much fun!) and even to the higher institution  (University of Lagos), I was a member  of Theatre15, where I had a training on theatre, which formed some of the skills  I have today.

After school, during my NYSC service year, my platoon won the Best in Drama presentation during our talent events. I was made the drama coordinator  for Redeemed corpers  fellowship, Aba chapter, Abia state  for 2 tenures, impacting lives in churches and communities  around. It involved ministrations  during rural evangelism, going to villages  to tell them  about Jesus, using drama as a tool to draw young men and women to Christ.
I discovered  this great potential  of mine  since I was child. I just knew I loved it. It was a hobby, but my perspective  and thinking started  to align with taking it up professionally  when I first got paid for it!

On her acting style, Awolowo details ‘method acting’, which involves  putting her whole  emotions  and being in any role given to her.
She goes on to say she loves making her acting really natural.

‘I love to convince my audience that whatever you are  watching is actually reality not make believe or trying to convince you. You would have lost yourself already  before you realize it’s only a movie.

On her most challenging role thus far and how she  prepared  for it,
she confesses, ‘I really don’t see any role as challenging  though. I always see it as fun  and get the best  out if it.
There was one where I was to play a Hausa woman, and I had to speak a little Hausa. Hmmm, it was a bit  challenging. I got someone to teach me,  going back and forth, and at the end, it was beautiful! I learnt a lot.

I ask her preference as regards stage and film, and she explains, ‘Well for film it’s more relaxing. So much exaggeration is not required  on screen  compared to stage, where you have to exaggerate every action so as to communicate to the audience. But then I would say I prefer stage because it helps me to express the totality of my being from acting to delivery. In stage, there is no cut and edit. It’s once! And that is it!
There is no coming back for a second chance if you make a mistake, so it prepares  your mind for perfection and getting it right. But then as an actor, you need both stage and screen time. A fantastic  actor is good for both screen and  stage, which is what every actor should be. We must be able to balance  it!

On the roles pivotal to getting her to the next level in her career, she elucidates,

‘Roles that will bring out my hidden potential, roles that will expand  my mind  and challenge me to be an outstanding  actor!’

I ask Bunmi about the impact of film festivals in Nigeria  and how can upcoming actors leverage this platform and Bunmi Awolowo explains,

‘It’s great, fantastic and an eye opener to great talents. It has helped  in promoting and celebrating our culture   to be showcased. It has given upcoming filmmakers /producers and actors opportunities to showcase their project and also be celebrated, which builds confidence and strong belief  in what they are doing.
Upcoming actors can definitely  leverage this platform for learning new acting skills and techniques, networking and building good relationships that would help foster the growth of their career.’

I ask about her favourite  actors and she muses,

‘1. Nse-Ikpe Etim
2. Joke Silva
3. Funke Akindele
4. Taraji Penda Henson ( Cookie Lyon)
5. Majid Mishel
6. Richard-Mofe Damijo
7. Tyler Perry

I ask about how her degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management has  given her an advantage  in the movie industry and she says,

‘IRPM is basically  people  management, which we know as human resource management, has helped me a lot on how to build, relate, accommodate  and be tolerant with people. Managing people requires some skill set. In the  acting industry you will meet, interact with  a lot of  people, especially  when acting with them for the first time, most especially  on set. It has really helped in my interpersonal communications with people,  seeing that we all have different  temperaments

Who is Bunmi Awolowo
Image Credit: @boomiawolowo (Instagram)

I ask Bunmi where she sees herself in the industry in the next 10 years and she shares, ‘I see myself producing my own movies, changing the lives and impacting the world with my acting . 10 years from now, watch out  for an award winning actress  not just in Nollyhood  also in Hollywood. By God’s  Grace’

On her upcoming movies, she says,
‘ I am on a webseries on Youtube, produced by Tribenation300 studios, called, ‘DAWN’, which is in its second season. I play the role of the Role of Alaba Ojulari.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-BeOGMfVVU&w=560&h=315]

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Who is Bunmi AwolowoImage Credit: @boomiawolowo (Instagram)

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