#Event: Day 3 Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week #HLFDW Highlights.


#Hellurr Fashion People!

Day 3’s showcase was more than phenomenal! I could not get enough of its awesomeness.

The designers that showcased were Maybelline, Emmy Kasbit FF, Clan, Maxivive, Ré, Tokyo James/Rich Minisi, Sophie Zinga, Sisiano, Post Imperial, Andrea Iyamah, Orange Culture, Lisa Folawiyo and Mai Atafo


The Maybelline collection featured Denrele and other models and it was quite a showcase of traditionally inspired make up, which was prominent against the black as well as white apparels of the models. The models also showcased their kinky hair with beads and other species of trinkets with Zulu inspired adornments as well as others as neckpieces

I loved the colours of the Emmy Kasbit FF collection: of whites, creams, browns with touches of red. There were also traditional fabrics in bright colours

One thing about the Clan collection, as always is the magnificent tailoring, attention to detail and silhouette pieces. Definitely for the demure woman.

Maxivive featured corporate and casual clothing, which was pretty cool. I liked the unusual placement of buttons on one of the suits.

Re’s collection was incredibly beautifuI, with its models sashaying to the techno soundtrack ‘Feel the fire’ which was so apposite. They strutted in satin flowery tops and dresses. The fuschia pant with the flowery blouse with layered sleeves was the winner for me!

Re’s designer scuttled backstage inside after about 2 steps onstage. That was such a lol.


Sophie Zinga’s collection was magic, with orange pieces with matching hats, as well as green and champagne ones. One orange sleeveless suit reminded me of a similar one I had growing up, and that brought back pleasant memories😊

The Sisiano Collection was truly a delight, starting with the arrangement of colours of outfits, from creams to pale pinks to blues to yellows and finally to navies, to the operatic sountrack that danced the models in. I could almost the feel softness of the fabrics from where I was sitting.

And the Sisiano designer walked the whole stage without saying hey to anyone…lol that was a cool flavour

I totally enjoyed the Sisiano showcase:)

Tiffany Amber had stunning signature pieces in strong, darker and brighter colours. There was the mixing and matching of patterns, and a whole lot of ‘couture-ness’ about this collection


Andrea Inyamah’s collection had a summary feel and featured some iconic pleats, as well as amazing bridal apparel. Lovely to watch

Mix and match maestro, Lisa Folawiyo’s collection featured her classic pairing of Ankara and satin patterns.



Mai Atafo’s collection was one that completely slayed.  Need I say more😊?

All images are credited to the amazing Kola Oshalusi (Insignia)

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