#Poise101: Cracking the Code on The Fake Smile

Cracking the Code on a Fake Smile
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There are so many things a fake smile does for you. It gives you control, especially when less than positive things are happening around you. It could keep you from exploding or having a serious fit in the wrong place.

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It could also help in less serious circumstances.

When your boss is cracking a super dry joke but you indeed must laugh or when someone is asking you a super intrusive question but you do not want ‘scowling energy’ to rob off on them the wrong way, you throw them a fake smile or better still, a soft laugh.

Also, sometimes, when you don’t feel so great, it may not be necessary for anyone to know.

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Candace Simpson Giles says a lady knows false congeniality is as obvious as bad false lashes. I think that’s interesting and true, but I still think that false congeniality is in the very least better than a less than savoury expression, rudeness or bad energy.

Anyhow, the reason you might need a fake smile is because these discomfiting moments usually catch one unawares, leaving one with little time to think; hence a fake smile to the rescue *insert lightbulb*

So, in perfecting your false smile, please take one or a combination of the following tips into consideration: 😊😊😊


1. Pull the corners of your mouth back with your facial muscles and look right behind a person instead of into them.

2.  Smile with one side of the mouth and not the other.

3. Add enthusiasm to your fake smile

4. Give the demure pageant smile and just think yourself a benign goddess looking down on your annoying little people in that gracious way…loool… (This is not in any way meant to be snooty😄)

5. Think of the happiest moment of your life, keep your eyes on the person you’re in conversation with and smile.

6. Retain your fake smile for a good 5 seconds after whomever you’re addressing is out of sight.

In taking any of these tips under advisement, it’s most important to give your fake smile your signature effect.

But the truth is maybe even your original smile shouldn’t be too enthusiastic.

There are my thoughts y’all.


Please let me have your comments 😊😊😊


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