#Fashion: The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women || #GuestPost by Iris Tan


Hellurr Ladies!

Fashion for women can be a minefield of dilemmas…what to buy, what colors to choose, what styles, how to keep your clothes safe etc. There is so much information that it can be quite daunting. But with this simple guide, you will be able to get the most out of your closet going forward and look as stylish as if you just came off a high designer runway show!


Sound good?


The main thing to focus on when dressing in different seasons is to wear the colors of that season, so that you will look en vogue and not out of place. Keep an eye on fashion websites like vogue.com and elle.com to see which colors featured the most during fashion weeks. For example, burgundy was huge for the fall shows this year. So for winter, stick to rich, indulgent reds, browns and burgundy hues and you can’t go wrong. An elegant wrap dress in a beautiful deep color will not only look good but give you a fashion edge.


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Image Credit:https://www.floryday.com/Solid-Wrap-High-Neckline-Short-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-m1037902

Being sexy is not something to be afraid of and women should feel comfortable about showing some skin with class. Have fun with fashion and stay feminine. You will feel so much better about your look. Just remember that less is more and you can’t go wrong.

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When you go shopping, experiment a bit more this season and step out of your comfort zone . This doesn’t have to be a drastic change, but you could try and add some different elements to your look, like statement necklaces, higher heels, big belts etc. Always keep changing your style slightly as the seasons go by to avoid getting stuck in a style rut. By all means, choose the clothes that you feel your best, like a gorgeous sexy dress; fabulous on its own, but add a little bit of focus, such as an eye catching belt and bag for others to hone in on and you will keep your look  up to date!

Image Credit: https://www.floryday.com/Dresses-r9872/new-arrival/p2/
Image Credit: https://www.floryday.com/Floral-Lace-Pencil-Knee-Length-Bodycon-Dress-m1150643
Image Credit: https://www.floryday.com/Floral-Appliques-Short-Sleeve-Knee-Length-Shift-Dress-m1053134

Finally, look after the little things. For example, always remove labels from soles of shoes when you buy them; they are unsightly if left there for all to see. Cut off long labels and hanger loops from tops. There is nothing worse than seeing those loops hanging out over arms. They will complete ruin the look of any outfit. Only use wooden hangers to store your clothes. Wire hangers will totally destroy the shape of garments and distort their line irreversibly. Wooden hangers are much kinder!


Look after you as well. If you have your nails manicured, hair styled and lovely, complimentary makeup applied, then your clothes will just be the cherry on top! Beauty comes from the inside out and if you feel good you will look even better.

Image Credit: http://pakifashion.com/best-nail-polish-colors-for-the-fair-skin-girls/best-nail-polish-colors-for-the-fair-skin-girls-4/

Clothes are not something to be afraid of, but something to have fun with. Just by following a few simple rules you can get the most out of your closet and make sure that your first impressions last!

Written by : Iris Tan

Edited by: Ose Binitie





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