#Hellurr: Call for Writers! || Bloggers, Writers and Creatives Let’s Collaborate

With over 70 Posts covering different topics, from fashion to music to events and travel, Hellurrrandom has wormed  its way into  the minds and hearts of its readers. Now Hellurrrandom is expanding, and welcomes contributory articles from passionate writers around the world!

Please see the guidelines below:

1. For collaborations, the themes of your post should be along the lines of fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, etiquette and poise, social media, industry/technology/business or law, politics and government.
2. Articles should be accompanied with corresponding images to drive more traffic to the piece
3. Please submit articles on a Microsoft word document with your names and social media handles…Twitter, Facebook, instagram etc. to help to drive traffic to your pieces

4. If your article is not along any of these themes, it might still be considered if it goes alongwith the overall Hellurrrandom vision

Hellurrrandom also welcomes collaborations with photographers, actors and musicians.

To request an interview, please see below:

For actors please send your cv, press release, clips of your movies to hellurrrandom@gmail.com or osebinitie@gmail.com

For musicians, please send your profile, and  mp3 files of your music to hellurrrandom@gmail.com

Collaborations with photographers:
For photographers, please send a copy of your portfolio and a description of  the project you would like Hellurrrandom to collaborate with you to hellurrrandom@gmail.com or osebinitie@gmail.com

Sponsored Posts:

To request sponsored posts, please send images of your brand, a press release and a description of the kind of article you want to hellurrrandom@gmail.com or osebinitie@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Images and articles to be published are subject to the discretion of the editor.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!


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