#Style: How to Stay Stylish on Your Business Trip || #GuestPost by Iris Tan



Travelling for work can be a stressful experience, with trips to the airport, meetings, schedules and so forth taking their toll on a lady.  Perhaps the hardest part of the whole trip is the wardrobe choice. Odds are on your trip, you need to meet with people, attend events, dinners and other meets and greet. Therefore, you constantly need to look the part. You would not want to be stuck hauling a truckload of luggage with you, so you need to find the balance and bring a small number of key pieces that will get you through any eventuality.

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Here are a few tips to make your packing (at least!) stress free!


First, figure out exactly what you need to take. If you have a dinner event, consider bringing an outfit that can go from day to night with only a few adjustments. Thus, you are packing less clothes,  and wearing one item in two different ways. For example, you could try to cover your day dress with an eye catching coat, which is quite risqué, but in a good way!

Dress with coat
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And the look becomes a stylish day time one!

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Also, when you go out for dinner or drinks that evening, remove your coat, flash your elegant dress and a pop of color, with matching shoes and a belt or a dressy silk scarf.

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Et voilà, one look, two ways! Saves a bit of space in your bag!


Don’t forget about down time when you are away also. If you are a gym bunny, then a good idea is to pack some work out gear or perhaps a swimsuit. Easy to fit in, they take up very little space and may be a welcome addition to your trip if the work part gets a bit too much. Working out is the best stress reliever after all.

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Gorgeous, and while conservative enough for a work trip, still says that you’ve got personality, plus, on trend!

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For travelling, I would recommend a jumpsuit. Now, don’t be afraid; jumpsuits have come a long way since Charlie’s Angels and are now a comfortable and accessible piece of clothing, no matter your style or shape. They are a great one-piece item to pack, as they take up very little space and look amazing. Great for the trip there and back because you look both smart and professional, but also you can move around easily and feel relaxed.



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Wear your jumpsuit with a pair of flats to give your feet an easy time too! You never want to wear your high heels from morning till night, right?


Nearly there, the final point is don’t forget the handbag. If you pick the right one, then one is all you will need. The trick is to go for a neutral color, which will match whatever you wear. Light tan is always a winner.

Image Credit: @Shopwithoyinlolus (Instagram)

I know, right? Amazing, and screams ‘I am a strong, confident woman with style AND substance.’


Happy Travels!


Oh… nearly forgot, top tip! When packing, roll up your clothes: this double edged sword means you will fit more in your bag and remove the risk of creased clothes….you’re welcome!!


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