#Style: My Top Dresses For The Golden Globes 2018

This year’s Golden Globes featured women in black dresses, silently and gracefully gracefully expressing their displeasure at sexual violence, abuse  and inequality against women. In affirming the age-old truth that you could never go wrong with black, here are my favourite outfits for the award winning evening.

Kerry Washington’s strapless sequined dress  was such a hit, coupled with her tousled hair and killer shoes😊

Image Credit: Schick Magazine



Emilia Clarke
Image Credit:@gameofthronestvshow (Instagram)

Emilia Clarke’s strapless dress with a plunging neckline had a clean finish, with her pearl necklace looking delightful on her pale skin, and her coloured lips adding more sophistication to her sweet face. Honestly, there are so many advantages to having a non ample bossom, which includes always being being able to pull off a strapless look😊

Oprah’s snug off the shoulder dress allowed her embrace her curves. Her glasses, attitude and speech did not let us forget that she’s boss and what a blessing it would be to have more women take centre stage.





Oprah Winfrey
Image Credit: @naijafashionpolice


Oprah Winfrey
Image Credit: @natashaslaterstudio (Instagram)

Tracy Ellis Ross looked amazing in her dress with a head wrap. Her red lipstick, earrings,  energy and stoicism transformed her slightly ethnic look to a sophisticated one

Tracie Ellis Ross
Image Credit: @elleuk (Instagram)

Reese Witherspoon’s one armed dress with the fish tail  and simple silver jewelry was a classy look  that could never go wrong

Reese Witherspoon
Image Credit: @faza_fashion (Instagram )

Naomi Campbell’s one armed dress with the bow and pleated detail was my winner for the night! The unique fabric of her dress as well as her hair cut so sleek made her pop over and over again.

Naomi Campbell
Image Credit: @bellanaijastyle (Instagram)

What was your favourite dress for the night?

Please leave a comment in the comment section😊




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