#Hair: Styling The Half Bun for the Runway.





Jewelinana Palencia
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The half bun is probably my favourite way of styling my hair in all the world because it makes for amazing street style even on a languorous day.
Secondly, British babes steady wear their hair in the half bun, giving me all kinds of feels, so I’ve basically been hooked since 2015.😊

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So, speaking of the elements of the half bun, all you pretty much need is a hair bobo/rubber band or a bobby pin to hold your half bun in place, and you’re good to go.

Now, styling the half bun for the runway is an entirely different issue.

half bun
Image Credit: http://hairtrends.lorealprofessionnel.in/article/the-half-top-knot-a-guide-to-a-polished-and-easy-style_a146/1

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In styling the half bun sleekly, you would need to apply styling gel to the front section of the hair, after which you comb the hair back and pack it with a rubber band and roll it into a bun.


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Also apply texturising powder to give the effortlessly messy look.

Thirdly, straighten the parts of hair not in the bun



I usually style my braids in a half bun. Do you?

What’s your favourite way to style your hair?






Jewelianna Palencia

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