#RestaurantReview: Languorous Lunching at Casper & Gambini’s

Casper & Gambini's
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I’ve missed everyone. I know I haven’t blogged in a while and it’s because life has gotten busy. But today, I got up to something fun😊
I had lunch with my friends, Kemi and Bie, at Casper & Gambini’s on Agoro Odiyan, off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island.

Casper and Gambini's
Image Credit: lostinlagos.com
Casper and Gambini’s is a European, Vegetarian Friendly cafe slash bar slash restaurant with Vegan and Gluten Free Options. It had a nice ambience with a lot of wooden finishings, as well as a Costa-esque feel

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We were created with complementary bread sticks and crackers, and even got an extra pack to go. I must say that I loved the taste and feel of their confectioneries.

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We had Chicken Quesadillas as our starter. It’s not actually a starter menu but on the list of sandwiches. It came with crushed avocados and French Fries as well as a wrap. The Fries were tasteless though. I usually prefer my fries dabbed in curry, salt and barbeque sause. (Bie actually taught me to add curry to my fries😊)

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I had the Teriyaki Burgar with Chips and a Mango Smoothie. The Mango Smoothie was absolutely divine. My Teriyaki Burger was quite rich and  healthy with a lot of vegetables including ginger, spring onions and others. The Smoothie cost N2800 and the Burger and Fries cost N4800

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My friend Kemi had the Chicken Suya sandwich which sort of looked like a panini, because it wasn’t made with the quintessential sliced bread. I think it also came with Chips. She also had the Carrot and Ginger Juice. The Juice tasted okay as well as the Sandwich. The Juice cost N2200 while the Sandwich cost N4000

My other friend Bie had the Caesar Salad as well as a Classic Mojito. The Caesar salad was nice and very filling, with extra cheese. The Caesar Salad cost N7500 while the Mojito cost N2400

We had so many laughs and a thorough blast.

Now, what I didn’t really like: Our food didn’t really come on time, especially Kemi’s. Also, I think the waiter forgot about my Mango Smoothie order, so I was done with my food before I had any smoothie. But I tell you, the Mango Smoothie was worth it!

Have you ever been to Casper and Gambini’s

What did you order?
What do you like most about Casper and Gambini’s?

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