#Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku


Ladiesssssss get in here, This one is for you.

How are you all doing? Hope this post meets you well. Today’s post is as a result of my never ending surfing of the internet. Okay, a little back story: I have one wig that started looking like a wet rat after a couple of uses. I tried rolling it and it got better but it got worse and reverted to status quo. Even when a picture of me was taken with a digital camera, the wig still looked like dish washing sponge. However, I was not about to throw the wig away considering how long it took me to get the wig. Consequent upon this, I went to the greatest invention of all time, the internet, and searched for ideas all over Pinterest and Youtube on how to revive your old wigs….and as expected, a zillion results came up and most of them had one thing in common;


Yes, boiling.

I was like girl Whatttttt??? I didn’t believe it till I tried it. Yes, People of God, I boiled my wig and the outcome was ahmayyyzzzziiinggg.

The Process

You will need:

A wig (obviously)
A wide tooth comb
A combo of water and some oils e.g coconut or olive ( I have natural hair so I just used my spray bottle consisting of water, coconut oil, olive oil and aloevera juice.
Regular conditioner
Deep conditioner
Polythene bag
Blow Dryer (optional but strongly recommended)
Flat iron (optional but strongly recommended)


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How to Revive Your Old Wigs
Image Credit: https://thechocolatechipcookieblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/how-to-revive-your-old-wigs/


Detangle the hair by spraying your water and oil mixture on it and combing it out. Be sure that the hair is combed properly.
Put some water in a pot and boil (I used the most abandoned pot in my house because my mum (read: Nigerian mums) won’t take it lightly with me if there is a wig cooking in her non stick cookware)
When the water is at boiling point, turn the wig inside out and put it in the pot and cover it for about 5 minutes.
Bring it out and dry with a towel (I used a thick towel so it can absorb all the hot water. Be cautious of the STEAM!!! Please be very careful.
Put the wig in the polythene bag and add a generous amount of conditioner and comb it gently with the wide tooth comb
Rinse out with cold water and let it air dry or if you are in a hurry, use a blow dryer.
Style with either a straightener/flat iron, curling iron or flexi rods (bendy rollers)
N.B.: The wig is a human hair wig so I can not say if this method can be used for synthetic wigs. Efe says she’s seen similar videos of this process for synthetic hair.

Here are pictures of how the wig looked before and after it was boiled.


Image Credit: https://thechocolatechipcookieblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/how-to-revive-your-old-wigs/



How to Revive Your Old Wigs
Image Credit: https://thechocolatechipcookieblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/how-to-revive-your-old-wigs/

Looks alive again! Lmao!!! Please what was that pout?? I apologize, I have had better pout episodes.

The other day, I repeated the process and played with snapchat filters.


How To Revive Old Wigs
Image Credit: https://thechocolatechipcookieblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/how-to-revive-your-old-wigs/

Peace, Love and Fleek hair.



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