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Lasaco Assurance
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#Hellurr guys!
I’ve got some amazing products for you. In collaboration with Lasaco Assurance, a strong Insurance company incorporated since 1979, I am bringing you these products which constitute investment options for the future. These products cater to the millennial and generational need to set financial targets, develop a compulsory savings culture and leave a lasting legacy for your family, community and the world at large.

The following products constitute life products at Lasaco Assurance. This means that they not only provide a way for you to save toward your investment goals, but will provide a life cover in case your life is lost before your goals are achieved.

1. Lasaco Investment Plan (LIP)
This product is designed to help people achieve their dreams in the nearest future. You
might be an entrepreneur who wants to save money to expand your business to another
level or a well-meaning parent who wants to save money to send your child abroad for
school. Now, this might be the product for you. It is for a minimum and maximum of 5 years whereby you pay a premium not lower than N10, 000 monthly.

This product is an amazing one because it is super flexible, meaning you can withdraw after 2 years and get the total money paid. You could also take 40% of your account balance.
Secondly, this product has a life cover, meaning if you die before the completion of this
investment plan, you get N10, 000, 000 (Ten Million Naira) plus 75% of the premiums you
have already paid.
The main benefit of this plan is that it has a 9% compounding interest yearly and functions as a tax relief benefit (the premiums paid are tax deductible). This means that you don’t pay tax on the money you pay into this investment plan. You could also use this insurance policy as collateral to obtain a loan

2. Lasaco Anticipated Plan
This is a triple payment plan, meaning you will be paid 3 times during the tenure of the
policy. The minimum tenure of this policy is 9 years. It also has a tax rebate benefit, may be used as collateral and has a 9% compounding interest rate yearly. You can make payments on this plan flexibly, be it monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. You also have a month of grace just in case you are late in paying your premium. The minimum payment for this plan is also N10, 000, and you will get paid 33 1/3 % in 3 intervals. However, it is on the last payment that you get all your interest.

3. Lasaco Investment Linked
This is a retirement savings plan with a maturity period of either 55 years or 60 years. It has a life cover/death benefit and a loan policy benefit, meaning you could borrow from this money at the miserly interest rate of 1%! This plan has a 9% compounding interest rate. This policy could also be used as collateral for a loan and all the other amazing benefits listed above!

To get started on any policy, please call the Lasaco Assurance office on these numbers 01-
4711849, 09055990631, specifically stating the reference Ose Binitie



Lasaco Assurance
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