#Food: 6 Nuggets of Cooking Wisdom from Sunny Anderson

Hellurr guys!

Image Credit: frostsnow.com

If you follow this blog, you’d know I love cooking, and picking up tips to help make cooking more fun. Inspired by Sunny Anderson’s go-getter attitude and her amazing views on life displayed at the GT Bank Food and Drinks Fair, I read a couple of her interviews, and pondered over her ways of styling food at the GT Bank Food and Drink Fair, which I highlighted below for your reading pleasure:)

  1. Don’t be afraid to grill your food with trickles of oil over the fire
  2. Toasting walnuts in a pan help bring out the flavour in its natural texture
  3. Put your nuts in the fridge so they don’t go bad
  4. The secret to mac and cheese: put sour cream, a tiny pinch of nut meg, cayenne pepper and paprika
  5. You can always adjust the measurements of your recipes per time
  6. If you are a novice at cooking, it’s easier perfecting your favourite dish

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What cool cooking tips have you learnt in the past week? Leave a comment below:)



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