#Fashion: 4 Strategic Business Tips To Running Your Boutique Successully


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Today on the blog, I’ll be talking about 4 Strategic Business Tips to running your boutique store successfully to ensure fashion entrepreneurs constantly review their ideas to ensure profitability.

pictures of small scale retail stores in nigeria
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  1. Create High Impact Window Displays
    By jumping on this, I am assuming that every serious boutique owner would of course have a show glass and mannequins for display of their wares. It is important to change your mannequin attires DAILY. Dress up your mannequins in shades or red, green, pink, maroon etc. Also pair them with accessories that make them pop.

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2. Host a Pop Up Shopping Event

Serious shoppers are in it for the retail experience.

pictures of small scale retail stores in nigeria
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Whenever you are overseas on holiday or shopping for wares to add to your warehouse or even in the heart of Nigeria, add pizzazz to your boutique brand by hosting a pop up at a hotel, gallery or community space, paired with snacks and drinks, chillness and a party atmosphere.  You’ll surely get an opportunity to connect with new customers, grow your customer base and offer a new and fresh retail experience. Zere Fashion House does this well, and I also  recall going for a Lady Biba pop up party in Ikoyi  some years ago.

Tania Omotayo shares tips on running a Pop up Retail party here!


pictures of small scale retail stores in nigeria
Image Credit: http://company.wolford.com/olden/blog/wolford-pop-up-store-at-frankfurt-airport/
pictures of small scale retail stores in nigeria
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Bt-dubs, Style House Files (The Brains behind Lagos Fashion Week) in collaboration with Okapi would be hosting a pop up on the 5th of July, 2018,  featuring brands Grey and Nkwo in London. . Click here for the address

Click here for the Press Release

3. Celebrity Collaborations

Collaborate with celebrities who have fashion lines to retail their fashion items in your boutique. This would definitely result in an avalanche of sales. In addition, you could invite the celebrity to your store, as a guest to do style tips class or for a meet and greet event, inviting some of your favourite customers. It would sort of be an equivalent of hosting an author to a book reading at a book store.

4. Leverage Public Holidays to Engineer Treble Sales

Occasions such as Black Friday, Christmas, Easter and Democracy day languorous days that fashion lovers would be willing to spare to have an awesome retail experience. The key to a successful sales is proper planning.

If you’re in the US, the 4th of July would be a perfect day for a pop up event or a clearance sales gig

pictures of small scale retail stores in nigeria
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What ideas have you tried to boost sales in your store?

What has worked for you?

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