Restaurant Review: Hellurr Mr Chang Chinese Cuisine! An Evening of Prawns, Pork and Chili:)

Nigeria warming its way for a cultural exchange, I muse, as I enjoy my Asian dining at Awolowo road’s Mr Chang.  Since my friend’s bridal shower laced with Chinese cuisine, I have been itching for more, even swearing I’d cook some myself. But of course, a busy schedule might not make that happen anytime soon, so ‘Eat at a Chinese Restaurant’ it is!

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With an oriental ambience, Mr Chang’s red doors welcome its customers home, symbolising the mouth of the home allowing chi (energy) to be drawn to the houseThere’s a  dragon outside which signifies strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. We are ushered in and given a pretty cool electronic tab menu and in true Japanese style, we sanitise our hands with oshibori (hot towels). There are lovely asian art pieces hanging on the walls and a lot of wooden furniture and ornaments.

restaurants in lagos

Chapman, duh! Lol

Pina Colada

The food comes much later almost making void the elegant hot hand wash, but no worries, it was still a cool experience. I have Chapman for starters, my mum has water and my brother has a Pina Colada, made from pineapple and grape.

L-R Special Seafood Fried Rice,  Sweet and Sour Spare (Pork) ribs, Fried noodle with Mixed Meat Vegetable, Prawns in chili sauce  and Yang Chow Special Fried Rice.


We order a variety of dishes so that we can taste different things: Sweet and Sour Spare (Pork) ribs (N3800 for a medium serving), Prawns in chili sauce (N7100, for a medium serving), Yang Chow Special Fried Rice (N1600 for an ‘each’ serving), Special Seafood Fried Rice (N1600 for an ‘each’ serving), Fried noodle with Mixed Meat Vegetable N3600 for a medium serving). I had a chapman (Large, N1600)  which I could say is rich and  satisfactory. My brother’s Pina Colada’s cucumber is bit bitter or maybe Pina Coladas are not my favourite drink. My mum has a bottle of water (N400).  Our takeaway boxes cost N80 each.

The Sweet and Sour Pork Sauce is so good, I have the leftovers for lunch the next day and I still feel like I’m in heaven. The prawns in the chili sauce are sooo big, but there is some questions as to their freshness. I was mighty thrilled with their size though. We especially love the Fried noodles, with its thick soy sauce flavour and infusion of rich vegetables. The two kind’s of rice are great, with squid for our delight.

I still reminisce this lovely evening with Chinese food at its finest. But I do say that it would have be even lovelier if we could wait for the awesome meals to be made from scratch. Lol.

Chinese food in Lagos

Chinese food in Lagos
Sweet and Sour Spare (Pork) ribs
Prawns in chili sauce

Chinese food in Lagos

Bt-dubs, Mr Chang does home and office delivery. To order, call 08080566666

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