#Event: Custodian Mentors Conference with Oby Ezekwesili, Leke Alder and Wole Oshin!


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The Custodian Investment Mentorship programme with Oby Ezekwesili, Leke Alder and Wole Oshin was a truly enlightening and impactful event. Set at the Eko Hotel and Suites Victoria Island, it proved to be quite serene, coupled with the buffet for lunch and an opportunity to interact with the mentors.

Wole Oshin gave the opening speech as CEO of Custodian Investment Plc, the headline sponsor of the seminar,
charging us to decide to change things from a very young age, and to be entrepreneurial even in the job space by adding value wherever we find ourselves. Mr Wole mentioned core principles of nation building from the business perspective, with regard to patterning burgeoning businesses after already established and strong businesses, functioning always from the standpoint of integrity, keeping abreast with regulations and national policies and deciding early on the organisational culture of ones business and affixing solid business structures to maintain a growing company and not being afraid to change the form of a business according to the demands of the time.

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The headline speaker, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili engaged the audience on the 3 things her father bestowed upon her as her heritage: discipline, a strong sense of values and a genuine love for knowledge. She stressed on the element of consistency in completing the character of integrity and expounded on importance of diligence. She told stories of her time in government and at the World Bank, and how the former prepared her for the latter. She explained in detail her adventures towing the line of due process and how monitored public procurement is key to eliminating corruption. She explained that citizens’ voice and demand for accountability, their eternal vigilance play the substantial part in ensuring good governance and the institution building. She also maintained that having a voice is the key to innovation. She thus charged us to fine-tune our voice and use it to effect change in society.

Brand Expert, Leke Alder,  was phenomenal with his deep level of succintness, giving 6 biographical sketches of his life to explain the following: ‘Put in your best at all times. Have integrity. Be excellent. Say no to excuses. Use your imagination. Don’t listen to naysayers. Pay attention to the values you imbibe.’ One of the things that astounded me was how he explained that one’s profession does not necessarily have to be his basic talent. The basic talent could indeed be morphed into more complex applications that would result in a profession never before thought of. He explained this by taking us on a journey of how he optimised his study of law, his practice of fine art, printing and graphics to solve branding and advertising challenges of companies in his role as a brand consultant.  Mr Leke Alder indeed blended creativity and intellect in his speech and his life.



Oby Ezekwesili, Wole Oshin, Leke Alder speak at the Custodian Mentors Conference


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