#Business: Elevate Your Brand with Lagos Fashion Week 2018!

elevate brand at Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Hellurr guys!

Lagos Fashion Week is here again and it comes with fabulous opportunities to showcase your fashion brands. Are you a boutique owner, model, fashion designer or all round creative? Hellurrrandom can optimise its platform to showcase your brand, products and services alongside content from Lagos Fashion Week 2018.

Check out all the Runway Shows from 2017 here:o

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Street Style

Hellurrrandom offers to curate interviews to elevate any of your retail outlets as well as sponsored posts. We can also craft business consultancy articles to be sponsored by your brand  in the course of Lagos Fashion Week.

Take advantage of this season to take your brand to the next level, as we would cover all the Runway Shows of fashion week,  Street Style and other articles that your brand/business may leverage to increase followership, brand love and ultimately, profit. Your brand will do well with our fresh content from Lagos Fashion Week 2018.

Lagos Fashion Week takes place from the 24th to the 27th of October 2018 at the Landmark Event Centre. It will cover Runway Shows, Fashion Workshops/Masterclasses and a so much more!

Here are a list of curated media that Hellurrrandom offers to your brand this season:


On the Hellurrrandom Blog, you can place adverts of your brand alongside the Runway Show posts, Street Style Posts and other Lagos Fashion Week content in the following dimensions:



You can contract an interview to showcase your business on the Hellurrrandom blog.


We can create sponsored posts for your products


We can curate business consultancy articles for your brand to sponsor

Don’t miss out on this season. Send mail to osebinitie@gmail.com or hellurrrandom@gmail.com to place your orders.

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