#Review: Liquidy Yoghurt, Fashion Week 2018 and Milani on My Radar|| What’s Popping on the Mainstream of Your Mind?


Yes guys, I said liquidy or (liquid-y). It’s a word I coined to describe ‘liquid goodness’ and it has stuck to me like glue. My brother even picked it up:) Has any of your siblings or friends picked up on your nuances? Please share in the comment section:)

So, what’s popping guys? For me, a couple of things actually:


Yes, definitely, Lagos Fashion Week 2018. The same one Noble Igwe describes as the Christmas for fashionistas in his interview here.  What I love most about Fashion Week is the opportunity to show authentic street style in a liberating atmosphere and to see first hand an array of amazing designs first hand. What about you? What do you think about street style? While you’re pondering, check out the highlights of street style from Lagos Fashion Week 2017.


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In other news, I have changed some of my products which I have myself and I thought to do a review on them.


milani powder review
Image Credit: https://blog.jiji.ng/2017/03/best-powder-oily-skin-nigeria/

I recently changed my powder to Milani and I must say that I was impressed. Even when I wiped my face and woke up the next day my face looked fresher. Also, it had a sheer quality. The only slight stinkery (did I make this word up? lol) element was it seemed I broke out with a few pimples or something. But after a while, my skin got used to it, I think there were no more pimples.

Have you used Milani? What were your results?



cool drink in hot lagos
Image Credit: rehobothdairies.com

I have also been taking loads of yoghurt and I tried the Nigerian Brand, Cedaa. Cedaa Yoghurt was sweet but not too sweet. It was also filling; I felt like I was consuming a lot of volume. It definitely had that richness of the quintessential yoghurt. It goes for N195 or N295 at Spar, and also retails at Hubmart, Yem Yem and other cool stores.


cool drink in hot lagos city
Image Credit: http://www.lausannedairies.co.za/products/yoghurt/


hot lagos city
Image Credit: http://www.lausannedairies.co.za/products/yoghurt/

I also tried  Lusanne Yoghurt from South Africa. Its passion fruit variant was also filling but it was more sour than I expected. So I think I might prefer Cedaa.


Just when I thought I was done, Hollandia Yoghurt came on my radar. And I think I have found my favourite yoghurt:) Its strawberry version was yummy and liquidy. I think there was a day when Hollandia Yoghurt was all I had. 

Bt-dubs, have you tried Nutzy Peanut Butter?

cool drink in hot lagos city
Image Credit: sunnewsonline.com


I might be reviewing more products soon.

Is there any product you would love for me to try?


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