Model Spotlight: Straight Talk with MBGN 2017 and Miss World Top Model 2017, Mitchell Ihueze

How to get a modeling agency

Your looks play a huge role in modeling, but of course, not  surprisingly, that is not all that there is to it. It involves focus, mental calculation, poise and so much more.

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At the Lagos Fashion Week 2018, Hellurrrandom got the opportunity to interview the delectable and sweet Mitchell Ugochi Ihueze, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2017 and Miss World Top Model 2017.

In this interview, Mitchell gives some insight as to how she got into modeling, what it takes to be an excellent model,  and what she hopes to do in years to come and so many other fun things.

how to get a modeling contract in Lagos


On how she got into modeling as she narrates,

‘ I got into modeling in 2015 when I contested for Elite Model look. I made the top 5 and I got signed to Beth Modeling agency.’

I ask Mitchell how she prepared for MBGN and Miss World, how she groomed herself vigorously to be able to get to that kind of height of recognition. She answers, 

‘I would not say I groomed myself for the Miss World Top Model Award. I practised working with different poses, I got used to it and that was how I won the Top Model Award.’

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As an icon of poise , I ask Mitchell whether she built her poise as part of her modeling plan or whether is it just a part of her. She says,

‘I think it has been a part of me and I worked on it more when I became a beauty queen, because it is something that you have to build up.’

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I ask Mitchell how she cultivates her caring aura, despite the tendencies of people to push one over when she goes out of her way to help people. She explains,

‘Yeah with a caring aura, people tend to ride over you and take you for granted when they find out that you are easily care for people and are very open. But it’s one thing to not let it get to you and to just know that this is who you are and you are not willing to change for anybody. ‘

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I ask Mitchell who her style icons are and she says,

‘Well I have a lot of them. There is Sisiano, Lisa Folawiyo, Lanre DaSilva-ajayi, so many. In terms of modeling, I love Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Oluchi and Taylor Hill’

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I ask Mitchell Ihueze if there was anything that she found out about modeling that caught her by surprise. She honestly says, 

‘Errm not really but I didn’t know it was going to be that difficult. I thought having the height was enough. But then it’s more than that. Even having the height is a restriction. Sometimes, they could say I’m too tall. I used to think that being 6’3 was an advantage but they sometimes say I’m too tall.’

I ask Mitchell is she you met any objections as to her modeling, and she says,

‘Yes I did, by my dad. He wasn’t really in support of it but after a while he just had to give his support and his blessing. ‘

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I ask Mitchell about her plans after modeling and she states,

‘I really love modeling and I will model for as long as it is possible or as long as it is decent enough. Outside modeling I would love to create a platform for other models to reach into and build their own careers.’

I ask Mitchell what she likes most about Lagos Fashion Week, and she says,

‘I love the crew and the cast. they are so caring Aunty Tomisin , Andy. They are not just about the show. They also put their models needs first. ‘

I ask Mitchell what she does for leisure, and she lists her hobbies. 

‘Well I draw, I sketch, I watch tv, I sleep. It depends on the mood’


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