#ThrowbackInterview: Kaylah Oniwo Shares what she loves about Style and Fashion at the Lagos Fashion Week Tents

Kaylah Oniwo at Lagos Fashion Week
Image Credit: http://smwlagos.com/?team=kaylah-oniwo

It’s Lagos Fashion Week Day 2 (for the Runway shows, and Day 3 if you count The Gathering Dinner) and I am reminded that there’s not a thing I do not love about the sets at the Lagos Fashion Week tents. They are so innovative, thoroughly utilising African Elements. One set is made of wood, with old newspapers sprayed in gold and silver brooms stashed in them and painted purple, while another is made up of wood with old newspapers sprayed in gold and silver. The former is where I meet Radio Host, Blogger and Style Connoisseur, Miss Kaylah Oniwoh, who is known for her eclectic style, particularly the way in which she picks out and pairs her accessories. She is wearing a sleeveless tunic, flared pants and one tassled earring. ‘It came as one she says’, and in the back of my mind, I wonder if this will soon be a trend. I suddenly recall a similar trend years ago, and how my high school mates and I wore one dangling earring each as we trudged through the school halls. I walk up to her and I can tell that she is fatigued, but is still fiddling with her phone taking selfies, preserving this magnificent set long after the glory of Lagos Fashion Week 2018. I ask very nicely if she would be up for an interview, and she is reluctant because she is spent from viewing amazing collections, but graciously agrees to do so.

Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpaTAVyldJ5/?taken-by=coolfmlagos

I ask her how she got into style in the first place, and she answers confidently, “I got into style through my mum. I grew up in a very fashionable home. My mum is a fashion designer. So I was exposed to fashion at a very young age. She used to make clothes for plus sized women because she is plus sized. I would watch her make clothes for young people, for her clients all night. So I kinda picked it up. I’ve always liked it since I was really young”

I inquire over Kaylah’s top style tips, and she gives a classic list “Less is more. I know some people say more is more, but for me, less is more. Comfort is key and I don’t follow trends. I embrace all types of fashion and am creative in my own interpretation of style.”

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When I overtly ponder over Kaylah for her style icons and she says, “I don’t have style icons. I have so many people who inspire me stylewise, if you know what I mean. I like Victoria Beckham, I like a bit of JLO, and also Lisa Folawiyo.  I wouldn’t dress like Lisa because I do not have Lisa’s body type. So I wouldn’t say they are my style icons, but my style inspos. I have so many of them. There’s @londongirlinnyc. I’ve gotten to like a lot of people on instagram because that is a platform that has gotten a lot of people engaged and connected with fashion

I ask Kaylah what she loves most about Lagos Fashion Week “It’s the fact that everyone gets into that spirit of getting their style juices on. It pushes you a step further on how you want to take the looks. I like the fact that people take it really seriously. If everyone were complacent and normal, and just like ‘you know what’ (she animates her voice for effect here), Fashion Week  would not be what it is. I enjoy the street style. I enjoy the Runway shows because designers work really hard to come up with collections every time, and it takes a lot for them to put these things out, so they deserve applause and encouragement.”

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I ask Kaylah whether we should expect any collection on the runway shows of Lagos Fashion Week, and she says it’s not impossible, but not any time soon. This Style lady loves shoes, make up, bags, hair and accessories, and so she says she is more likely to do a collection in any of these lines.

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