#RestaurantReview: Cheers to a Metisse-ful Christmas and a Chocolat Royale-esque New Year:)

Metisse Lagos

list of restaurants in lagos


I am having a bit of a cool Christmas at Metisse and Chocolat Royale warranting my apposite caption. Oh, and I do love partnerships; it adds a pretty interesting twist to eating out. What are your favourite eatry partnerships?


list of restaurants in lagoslist of restaurants in lagos

Metisse is intentional with its decor, with a section for book lovers, another section for travellers, the regular section for basic eating, I guess and lastly, a section for fine dining, but is closed, probably because its christmas and most people would be at home. The paintings on the wall have a very Nigerian feel to it, and there are quite a lot of plants (quite much), I feel like I am at a garden party.

list of restaurants in lagos

list of restaurants in lagos


Metisse is a Pan Asian restaurant, so you have a mix of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Singaporean and all that good stuff. The drinks are catered to by Cafe Royale. Now, the portions at Metisse for the main meal are not big enough to share, unlike at Mr Chang. But the starters could be reasonably shared between 3 people.

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list of restaurants in lagoslist of restaurants in lagos

For the starter, my crew and I had 2 different ones: Bangkok Chicken Wings and Shrimp  Summer Rolls. The chicken wings are prepared lollipop style and their taste remind me of the Teriyaki Chicken we had at Backyard Grill. They are okay. The summer rolls (which consist of shrimp, rice noodles, carrots and other veggies all wrapped in rice paper) are mostly tasteless, but have a bit of spark with the peanut sauce. We order our drinks supplied by Cafe Royale: Raspberry Sunset Cocktail (N2200), Virgin Melony (N2200) and a regular cocktail. 

list of restaurants in lagos

The cocktails are a bit small so I advise you order a bottle of water (N480) with it so the drink can take you all the way to your main meal. Or you might wanna order 2 cocktails.


list of restaurants in lagos


We order Singapore Fried Rice (N2000), Caramel Thai Glazed Chicken (N4500) and Chicken Pad Thai (N4000). The foods are only fit for one person each, unlike at Mr Chang’s where you can order 3 different meals and everyone can have a helping of each. I think the consensus is that we had a better food tasting and freshness experience at Mr Chang’s.

list of restaurants in lagos

But we definitely love the drinks, or at least one of the drinks each. I don’t particularly like my drink but my brother likes it. He thinks his drink is bitter but I love his, so we exchange drinks.


Dessert is a real treat at Chocolat Royale and we have 3 different scoops each. I have Mango, Cookie and Aramean Kirsch.  They are so good that I feel like I am in a trance with each scoop of yumminess going down my throat. The richness of the mango flavour quadruples down the amazing  cold compress mango juice I had at the GT Bank Food and Drink Fair earlier this year. I am on such a high, I don’t bother to taste the other flavours from my peeps.

list of restaurants in lagos

list of restaurants in lagos


Hmm, we liked the drinks and the ice cream. We’d let you know if we’d come back.



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