#FoodReview: Cheers to Weekend at Salma’s

Where to eat good food in Lagos

In a bid to stand out as global citizens, we (I really mean me,  lol) decide to try a different cuisine than Chinese like we usually do. Today, we try out Lebanese at Salma’s. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I go to a place I’ve never tried before I just go for what looks the safest and close to what I know. Just imagine having chicken and chips in a Chinese place, Lebanese place, Thai place etc. Lol, so much for global citizen, ikr.

Salma’s Authentic Lebanese Cuisine is pretty cool. There are round tables everywhere , and then square tables on the terrace, next to an amazing view of the Lagos water.

Where to get drinks in Lagos


We start with drinks. My brother has ‘Mojito’s Sister’ (N1750-made up of mint, lime, apple and pineapple). I have ‘Under Age’ (N1750-consisting of vanilla and caramel, grenadine, orange juice and pineapple juice) and my mom has hot chocolate (N1200). My drink is exquisite, like mint sugary goodness and my brother’s is also really good.

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We had Labneh Kibbeh Balls(N5000), Stuffed with Labneh, olives, onions and seasoned with spear. I am thinking we try even more authentic cuisine like Grilled Eggplant with Pomegranate sauce, but it seems I’m the only one interested. Lol.

My brother has Pistachio Spicy Kafta (N6500), which is grilled lamb skewers seasoned with onion, pistachio, green chili and parsley. It comes with 2 sides of flat bread stuffed with chili, tomato and parsley that have a non seasoned them. My mom and I share a plate of Grilled Jumbo Prawns with Fries and Mayo sauce (N11550). The prawns are quite charred and have a special sour taste that is cool.

We get a complimentary fruit platter consisting of mangoes, watermelon papaya slices. We also get Lebanese sweets and cakes. The Lebanese special sweets are made from Tahini sauce and are stuffed with pistachio and walnuts. Their consistency is similar to Tanfiri, the Nigerian peanut snack that is ground and rolled into a ball.
The Lebanese cakes are also cool, with a feature of raisins in them.

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Have you ever tried Lebanese food?‌

What are your thoughts?

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