#Food: Coconut Fruit Salad Recipe


How to eat healthy in Lagos


Hellurr foodies,

Today on the blog, I present to you Coconut Fruit Salad, a spunky spin on your quintessential fruit salad. I especially loved the char from my toasted coconuts and my lime flavoured apples and bananas. They gave an extra oomph to the salad.


1. Coconut shavings

How to eat healthy in Lagos

2. Apples

How to eat healthy in Lagos

3. Watermelons

How to eat healthy in Lagos

4. Tangerines

How to eat healthy in Lagos

5.  Pineapples

How to eat healthy in Lagos

6. Lime

7. Bananas



1. Cut your coconut into shavings and toast them on the fire. The char on the coconuts will give your salad an exquisite taste. You could also use your coconuts uncharred. Leave your toasted coconut shavings to cool and then refrigerate.

How to eat healthy in Lagos

2.  Cut your bananas and apples into bite size and squeeze some lime juice unto them to ensure they do not turn brown. The lime would also give the your salad a tangy flavour.

Guess what super food has a yummy flavour? 

3.  Cut your pineapples and watermelons into bite size and peel and your tangerines, separating them into fingers. Ensure your tangerines are ripe and sweet, so there is no bitter after taste in your salad.

4. Arrange your fruit in a bowl. You could also add only a bit of coconut water to give your fruit a slightly syrupy feel-if you want. Ensure you put your coconut shavings last so they don’t get swallowed up by the other fruit.

And voilà.

How to eat healthy in Lagos

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