#Food: Almond Brownies and Vanilla Ice Cream



Who doesn’t love a piece of good dessert, especially a chocolatey one? Up on the blog, I bring to you Almond Brownies and Home made Vanilla ice cream. Originally from the United States, brownies are a form of sheet cookie, or a simpler version of chocolate cake without creaming butter and sugar. Brownies usually go with milk or ice cream, and this home made recipe has no added sugars, apart from the sugars in the condensed milk, and requires no ice cream machine.



Almond brownie recipe


Almond Brownie Recipe

Butter 60 grams

Almond brownie recipe

Flour 30 grams

Almond Brownie Recipe

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 3 table spoons

Almond Brownie Recipe

Milk chocolate 120 grams

4 Medium Sized Eggs


Pinches of Salt


  • Chop your almonds roughly, toast them and set them aside
Almond Brownie Recipe
  • Melt butter, milk chocolate and cocoa powder in a pot, adding a little water
Almond Brownie Recipe
  • Blend eggs, salt and sugar, and then add your cocoa mixture.
  • Add a fistful of flour, carefully guaging it so that your brownie mix does not become too thick. If it is too thick, you might have issues getting your mix out of the blender.
Almond Brownie recipe
  • Spray your baking tray or pan with oil and preheat your oven
  • Lay your mix into your pan and sprinkle pieces of toasted almond and chopped pieces of brown chocolate atop your mix.
  • Bake for 1 hour- 1 hour 15 minutes

Ice Cream Ingredients

Condensed Milk

How to make ice cream ar home

Full Cream Milk-liquid or powder

Vanilla Essence


  • Blend your full cream milk (If you’re using powder, add water to it and then blend) until foamy or whipped, and then add your condensed milk .
  • Add about 2 drops of vanilla essence and then continue blending. Your ice cream will be liquidy.
How to make ice cream at home
  • Freeze your ice cream for 6 to 8 hours
  • Add tiny cuts of almond brownie, wafer and milk chocolate as toppings.

And voilà

Almond Brownie Recipe

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