#Food: Yam Peppersoup, with Fish and Mutton Recipe


How to make Yam PeppersoupBACKGROUND

Traditionally known as Ukodo in the minority midwestern tribes of Nigeria, Yam Peppersoup is a pure delight and a fantastic way to start your morning. It definitely puts my family in a great mood in these tense times. Enjoy.



How to make Yam Peppersoup

Peppersoup spices- gbafilo, omilo, nutmeg, bay leaf (I’m using already ground and mixed peppersoup spices)

How to make Yam Peppersoup

Crayfish, both ground and smoked

How to make Yam Peppersoup

Already boiled ram/mutton


Palm oil

Rock salt



1.  In a pot of  water, add your protein -already boiled mutton, different kinds of fish, already ground peppersoup spices, rock salt  and table salt to boil.

2. Ensure you have enough water to service an ample portion of peppersoup as well as the boiling of the yam. Cut pieces of yam and add to the boiling mixture.

3. Add seasoning-crayfish flavoured spice and salt. You can use different kinds of smoked fish both as protein and for flavour.

How to prepare Yam Peppersoup

4. Both the yam and the peppersoup cook very fast, so this meal preparation should not take longer than 30 minutes.

5. Serve your Yam Peppersoup with Palm Oil, as an alternate dip.

Et voilà!

How to make Yam Peppersoup

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