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How to make Creme Caramel



This is a throwback recipe to one of my favourite desserts as far back as 2006. Crème Caramel is just that easy-to-make dessert that gets you in a good mood. We sure do need dollops of happy in these times:)

Crème Caramel is a European dessert that is a variant of custard paired with liquid caramel made from white sugar, as opposed to Crème Brulée, a custard served with solid caramelised brown sugar. 



How to make Crème Caramel


How to make Crème Caramel

Vanilla Essence

How to make Crème Caramel


White Sugar

How to make Crème Caramel

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1. Assemble your ramekins into a pot of water to boil. (I actually got these individual ramekins from a Crème Bruleé I had many years ago. They were too cute to throw  away.)

2. Melt your sugar into caramel syrup and pour into your steaming ramekins. (I actually brought them out of boiling water to take this pic:) )

How to make Crème Caramel

3. Crack your eggs into a bowl, whisk and add milk, vanilla essence and white sugar.

4. Pour your eggy mixture into your ramekins with sugar syrup and cover to steam.

How to make Creme Caramel

5. Place a fork through the egg mix in the ramekin. If it comes out without any egg stain, your cream caramel is ready.

6. Set your crème caramel to cool at room temperature and then refrigerate.

7. Once cold to your fitting temperature, turn your caramel into a flat saucer with the caramel on top of the saucer.

Et Voilà

How to make Crème Caramel


What yummy desserts have you tried recently?

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