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#Poetry: Cook Eat Savour


I hum pure joy as I watch my beans,

Bathe in palm oil simmer

Under transparent cling film.

I tenderly unwrap the film and enjoy

Crayfish flavour diffuse into the atmosphere.

A flavour so magnificent it erases the memory of what effort I put to

Mixing and mashing,

Dicing and chopping

All manner of ingredients.

And no, the onions don’t make you cry

They merely cleanse your eyes

To see the joy you’ve been missing.

And you come to this knowing

When you finally taste your delicious crayfish flavoured beans.

Watching potatoes align themselves

as you chop them up for French fries,

Taking in the aroma,

as you spritz salt and curry over them cream soldiers

Is one of the finest moments of everyday living,

Alongside marinating and grilling your poultry accompaniment,

With soy sauce and barbeque spice always winning,

Leaving you crunching the bone

And sucking the marrow, itching take in more flavour.

The next time you need to cook,

Even after a long day’s hard work,

Don’t grumble tiredly

Savour it.


I don’t wax lyrical merely when I cook,

I wax lyrical when I eat.

Your senses come alive,

And you thoroughly apprehend

How each flavour entangles with another and they make a dance in your mouth

You can taste how fibre mixes with tuber

And slides down your throat, giving you ultimate satisfaction.

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