#Health: Which is better? Disposable Face Masks or Fashion Masks?

#Hellurr Fam,

In light of the fact that there is some ease with regard to the lock down regulations, I thought to shed some light on why we should wear face masks and how to wear them. Fashion designers and houses have designed fashion masks for the season, but there is also the good ole scrublike (disposable) face mask.


Disposable face masks offer extra protection with the metal or elastic band that frames your face at your nose bridge. You are to use your index finger and thumb to frame the mask to your nose. The metal ensures that the mask frames your face and prevents anything from entering into your nasal area after you have worn it.

Fashion masks on the other hand have the advantage of being reuseable, because they can be washed. If you try to wash your scrublike mask, you could damage it. Also, the straps for the fashion masks seem to be sturdier than the disposable ones.

When you are to take the mask off you are to remove it from your face by the ropes around your ears. You are also supposed to wear your face mask by attaching it to your ears. You are not to touch your mask or face after you have framed the mask to your nose. If you do so, then use a sanitiser.

For both kinds of masks, after they have been used, they are deemed contaminated. They should therefore be disposed of or washed. In this instance, the cloth mask would be better, because it can be easily washed and sterilised. You should therefore wash your fashion masks before you ever start wearing them.

The disposable mask costs N14000 for 50, while the fashion masks retail for N100, or even N500 if you want fancier one. Either way, the fashion mask is cheaper.  Also, for sanitary purposes, it would not be advisable to buy a disposable mask from anyone who sells them individually. 

So for the fashion mask, about 5 masks should suffice for the work week, meaning you use one for each day of the work week, continuing whatever swag that fits your mood.

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