#Fashion: Favourite Looks from London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2021

London Fashion Week SS2021


International fashion weeks are not dead. No siree. Despite covid, fashion is still thriving. London Fashion Week was amazing as always, in its virtual runways and fashion films, the inspiration, cuts and designs. For me, these collections tell me there’s no excuse not to stay fabulous this season.  This post highlights a few of my faves from London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2021. 


Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2021 collection consisted of both physical and virtual productions, with the physical at North London’s Victoria Miro art gallery. There were well tailored pieces with monochrome colour schemes, two piece tunics and dresses with singed waists. I liked the extra long and super flared high waisted pants, blazers and iconic gold jewelry. The collection also featured denim styled exquistely in smart casual looks. There was also this really cool leather print trenchcoat that I liked. This collection was fab. 

Colour palette: butters, creams, tan, blacks, browns, greens

London Fashion Week SS2021

  London Fashion Week SS2021


London Fashion Week SS2021


I  utterly loved the virtual collection tagged “Audax” by April & Alex. It is bold, sleek and spunky, filled with crop tops and puffy sleeves and fancy pockets and a fitness vibe. There are also outfits made with pieces of leather. It is definitely a sophisticated collection for the modern woman.

Colour palette: pinks, blacks, greys, blue, maroon, white.

Fabrics: leather, silks, cotton.

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021


I liked a few pieces from the punky Vivienne Westwood collection. The black and white blazer gives me so much life!!! The collection video featured clips of demonstrations in support of legal efforts to thrawt the extradition of Wiki Leaks founder, Julian Assange to the United States.

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021



Duro Olowu’s collection was splendid. Funny enough, this collection is remniscent of the afro coolness of the Lijadu sisters, and this model reminds me of Lauryn Hill actually, rocking edgy platform shoes. The collection is a mix of ankara and  flowery patterns and some tafetta pieces. It had multipatterned silk skirts singed at waist. Mostly, it was inspired by the artiste Emma Amos. In its own way, this collection challenges racism, sexism and social inequality. 

Colour Palette: multicoloured patterns of greens and browns

Fabrics: silks, ankara

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021

London Fashion Week SS2021


Guys, I think this was my best collection. I thoroughly enjoyed its boho chic vibe. There was a super sultry fashion film with boho and mexican inspired outfits-beautiful dresses, waistcoats, and fancy suits. I especially loved the denim jumpsuit. I thought this collection emphasised ease and comfort for the svelte, and I loved it.


Which wàs your favourite collection?




Harpers Bazaar




For Duro Olowu

Photography: Luis Monteiro

Makeup: Maria Papadopoulou

Model: Neema Kayitesi


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