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#Food: Casper and Gambini’s Revisted

 Hellurr Foodies! 

Long time no post, I know. What have y’all been up to?

So I went to Casper and Gambinis with a friend. Check my post from Casper and Gambini’s in 2018. Yes, Caspers has moved to like the next building beside where it was before. But it is a bigger space and amazing decor.


The lights and decor remind me of the same at the Commission in Heathrow. We dined on yummy purple couches with lilac pillows and plum high chairs in view. We were given complimentary sides of breads and breadsticks with spreads.

I had Mexican cuisine while my friend had Italian.

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I had Chicken Quesadillas with Chips and ketch up, Sour Cream, Guacamole and Tomato Salsa as sides. The meal was wonderfully presented. I was also really excited about the Guacamole because I had made some during the initial lockdown last year. Check out my Guacamole recipe here! The Quesadillas themselves were alright. Generally though, I think I prefer the quintessential wrap or burrito. I had the Berry Mix Cooler (N2400) for drinks, but it actually tasted like diluted chapman and I wish I had stuck to the mango smoothie I had the last time I was there. But it wasn’t available.

Im not really a fan of Italian food, so I’m not sure I’m the best judge of Italian cuisine (apart from pizza) or Casper’s version of Italian cuisine. My friend had the Penne Arrabiata with extra chicken with Homemade Pomodoro sauce (N4500). The sauce tasted a bit bland to me- like raw pepper- and my friend didn’t exactly care for it as well sha. The presentation also wasn’t as nice. She had the Pomegranate Mojito Cooler (N2400). To me, both drinks looked and tasted the same or similar.

It was still a great outing because we had a lot of laughs and fun. I feel like the lockdown has caused eating out to be more on the low down, but I am hoping to eat out more and that we all really get into the things we love.

When was the last time you ate out?

What cuisine did you have?

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