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#Fashion: 5 Favourite Looks, Lagos Fashion Week 2021, Part 1

Lagos Fashion Week 2021 celebrated 10 awesome years of hosting runway shows and facilitating international trade for the benefit of the Nigerian Fashion Industry. Despite the Covid 19 restricitions and mandatory vaccinations, it was all pomp and circumstance, and high fashion energy!

Here are 5 favourite looks from Day 1 of the Runway shows and the Fashion Presentations (Day 2 of Lagos Fashion Week 2021) .


The Babayo collection featured hausa inspired outfits, with its signature embroidery on backdrops of whites and blacks. These backdrops were white shirts, black blouses and so forth. The make up was also northern llike and reminded me of Ronke Raji. This was a fun and well thought out collection.


This presentation, at Alara Lagos, explored the osun deity, as well as the rich elements of the yoruba tye dye industry and its variants. The rich fabrics dunked in the cobalt and navy spectrum of tye dye, rinsed and dried, stood stoicly on the manequins. There were also pieces of gold and bronze on some of the fabrics.

Colour Palette: cobalt, navy, whites, browns, black, gold


Orange Culture’s collection was amazing, per usual, featuring chaotic vibrations from a super traumatic went relating to young people in Lagos that took place ithe year 2020. The collection featured leggings, durags, brightly coloured socks, etc.

Coolur palette: honey, greens, reds, cobalt, baby pink


Eponymous fashion label, Banke Kuku, known for its silky signature patterns showcased loungewear as well as luxury summer apparel at the runway shows. There were wrap jumpsuits, tassled elements, multilayered sleeves as well as signtaure pouches accompanying every apparel.

Order pieces from the collection here.


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