#Random: My Christmas To Do List


Merry Christmas!! What have y’all been up to today? I mean apart from eating and merry making?

For me, this year has been filled with a lot of plans and thankfully, actualisations. So, this month, I have been spending a lot of time being thankful. Thankful to God for protection, provision and the essence of Christmas, which is about Christ. To get started on thankfulness, head over to YouTube select a Thanksgiving playlist. It would fill you with so much joy! I have been listening to ‘Hallelujah Medley’ by Nathaniel Bassey. It’s in the ‘Hallelujah Again’ album.

Secondly, you guessed it. I have been reading. Been reading the Malory Tower series by Enid Blyton. It’s just so easy and positive. Would you like me to do a review of the books? Bt-dubs, which of artsy backgrounds do you prefer?

Thirdly, I have been rewatching Selling Tampa. Yes, I did a review of the Netflix series here. But it was just on my mind to just watch it again and feel all the energy from a show that focuses on elevating minority women. I also have a couple of cheesy Christmas movies lined up.

Fourthly, of course, I have been catching on sleep. I really get a kick out of starting my day early before the sun rises, avoiding traffic and all of that. Nothing beats starting your day early and getting all of your tasks oout of the way. But the holiday season just sort off slows that down, so I have been taking liberties with getting more sleep. Bt-dubs, I have the coolest slippers for you feet after waking up from delicious sleep!


Fifthly, I have been catching up with friends and enjoying the thoughtfulness of those actions.

Do you ever find it hard to get into deep, restful sleep? Try Restflix!

What have you been up to this Christmas season?

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