nice restaurant in lagos

#Review: Fine Dining at Vendome

Eating out is such a memorable adventure for me, and some of the things that make a restaurant unforgettable me, apart from its menu are its colour scheme and art pieces. Vendome, a fusion of Vietnamese, American, Chinese, Japanese, African and Italian dining, ticked both boxes, with its teal and black colour scheme and its yummy art pieces, not leaving out its fusion cuisine.

Catch a glimpse of my private art collection here

Amazing orange lights, midnight blue glasses, amazing detail with the hand folded napkins, it was clear that decor was everything.

Yes, I tried Octopus! I took a risk. Guys, remember when I went to Salma’s and said I always picked something safe on the menu? Like ordering Chicken and chips? Well, I took the plunge today! And it tasted like protein, with a snail like consistency, unsurprisingly. But I did enjoy it. We were given complimentary breads. I say ‘breads’ because we were given a baguette and 2 buns, with creamy, unsalted butter. We were also gifted with easter eggs in the spirit of Easter Sunday.

My friend had the Vendome beef burger 8500( made up of a beef patty, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, caramelised onions, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato,  home made sauce, and bbq sauce) which she said was nice. It came with a side of fries. 

 I had Flame Kissed Octopus(marinated seared octopus, caramelised onions and pomegranate sauce) (N6200), with a side of chips (N2200). Normally, the Octopus is on the starter menu. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to have Italian. ( I had Italian when I went to Casper and Gambinis tthe first time here, and the second time here.)

nice restaurant in lagos

One last thing. My friend and I had amazing drinks. Can you guess their names? Who ever guesses the names of both drinks correctly is entitled to N500 credit!!! Isn’t that awesome???

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