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#PainterSpotlight: #Interview: the Transformative Element of Art, With Michael Omole

Self taught artist Michael Olusanya Omole is a delight and an attestation to the transformative element of art. He is not one to shy away from the great commission and does it with the utmost pride, with high ticket clients like the Governor of Osun state, Ademola Adeleke Gboyega Oyetola . He shares his story of his sojourn into art. Omole Micheal Olusanya shares a commonality of the estimation that comes with a small town. He says, ‘I’m from Ilesa, Osun state. I cpme from a small town which is completely underrated town in the south west. I can say I’m one of the best artists in my home town, and still people look down on my craft. This weakens me sometimes because some of them are not exposed to the art business. I have always felt discouraged by my people.’

On his inspiration, Michael states, ‘I find my inspiration through social media by seeing other people’s professional works. This inspires me a lot and makes me want to put in my best in all my works. There two different artists that influence me a lot. One is Kelly, a Nigerian artist, and the other one is American art painter his name is @artbywak.’

In great detail, Omole describes his favorite time of day to paint as ‘Morning and evening, 7am to 11am then 1pm to 5:30pm.’

Michael describes his favourite artistic media as follows, ‘I can say I love them all media: pen, oil and acrylic paintings, pencils and pastels.’

Michael speaks lovingly on how he developed his art, ‘.I developed my art skills through my mom. That was when she was in (NTI) national teachers institute, by helping her with her assignments that involved art.’

On his motivations, Omole narrates, ‘What motivates me to create is the need to provide for myself and for my family.’

Michael talks about his love for art as follows, ‘I pray to die in art because it is what translated my life from an area boy to a responsible human being. Without art, I would’ve died as a tout, committing crime like a political thug Art saved me.’

On success, Omole goes on, ‘How I define success as an artist is what I achieved in this field by taking care of my family and feeding myself without begging anyone for food is a big success in my life.’

On the reception of his art, he further states about art industry that ‘People love art, they admire art. But when it comes to encouraging you by buying your art, I always feel underrated by their prices people offer to pay.’

Generous in advice, Michael shares some tips. ‘My tips for up and coming artist is number one, they should try and learn and have patience on how to create a good job before looking after money. Secondly, they should learn how to respect people who have been in this field before them. Thirdly, they should learn how to use good and quality materials not just anyhow or fake materials.’

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