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#PainterSpotlight: Sketch Artist and Oil Painter Omodesola Fagbenle speaks on his Love for Art

There is nothing like encountering a young person’s love for art. It is truly nostalgic to watch. Such is the love for art exhibited by Omodesola Fagbenle. I catch up with amazing Sketch Artist and Oil Painter, Desola at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, alma mater to greats, including foremost Nigerian Fashion Designer, Ejiro Amos-Tafiri, Olumide Oresegun, Abass Kelani, Ngozi Schommers and a host of others, and he had this to say.

‘I’m Omodesola Fagbenle, an undergraduate of fine art, fine art department, Yaba tech.  I’m from Osun State.’

On his biggest artistic influences, Omodesola explains, ‘My biggest Nigerian artistic influences are Abiodun Olaku and Saheed Adelakun. On the foreign scene, foreign, I deeply appreciate the works of Ceasar Santos and Stan Prokopenko of Proko.’

I ask Fagbenle about his favourite artistic medium, and he picks oil paints. ‘It is an opaque colour that dries slowly which gives room to run over my work in step and gradually,’ he explains.

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Omodesola takes me through his journey to the mastery of his craft. ‘ I developed my art skill at a tender age, where my friends and I challenged each other with drawings. I get inspiration from things I love and things going on within my environment. I’m motivated by the joy I derive while painting. This helps channel my artistic direction.’

Modesola Fagbenle tells me his favourite time to paint, ‘I love painting at night.’

Art is important because it’s the reflection of life and it also add colour to life

Fagbenle elucidates on his love for art. ‘Art is 100% is my love; art is a backbone to other areas of life.’

On success, Omodesola explains, ‘Success is all about achieving a desire goal as an artist.’

On the reception of art in Nigeria, Fagbenle narrates, ‘We are in the society where people barely understand art or its value and appreciate it.’

Desola sheds light on blockchain, nfts and art, ‘With the blockchain era, and a lot of artists are recording massive gains from blockchain and nfts. It has marked a huge success for some artists because it provides aanother platform for artists where buyers meet sellers without stress, but I am yet to plunge into the era.’

Omodesola Fagbenle shares 3 tips for up and coming artist:

1. Practice often
2. Be creative
3. Persevere and be consistent

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