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#Art: How to Optimise Lagos Fashion Week 2022 to further your Art Career

Dear Painter/Artist, you have to keep reinventing yourself in a bid to stand out in the crowd of really amazing artists. A way to do that is to keep finding amazing platforms to showcase your art, which you did not think of before. An example of an amazing platform is Lagos Fashion Week 2022. There are so many ways you can benefit from Lagos Fashion Week! Here are some:

1. Offering Fashion Illustration Services

According to Wikipedia, Fashion Illustration is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing and painting. Ideally, this service will be of value to fashion houses/designers who want to create a new collection. You could offer this service before the show or during the show. If you are not able to pitch to a Fashion Designer before Lagos Fashion Week, come to the Lagos Fashion Week Tents with your art portfolio and pitch to them after their show! If you are not exactly sure how to immediately apply your artistic skills to fashion illustration, take this quick Udemy course for N4500 only!

Your artistic journey at Lagos Fashion Week begins here!

nike art gallery

2. Officially collaborating with a Fashion Designer to turn your Artistic Designs into wearable art, and create a Collection!
An example of an amazing designer who has her featured her collection on the runways of Lagos Fashion Week is Andrea Iyamah, and she has a few patterns that are artist designed. The A.I SS22 collection, which includes an abstract mushroom print that was hand painted by an authentic artist!

andrea iyamah andrea iyamah

This means you as an artist could create a painting that could be reproduced unto the fabrics that such a designer could showcase in their collection. However to be able to do this, you need to register your design as as an Industrial Design, and then license the design to fashion designers or fabric manufacturers. This is to protect you from industrial design infringement. Such brands that have opted for this kind of protection include the world renowned TM Lewin, Coca Cola, Pepsi and so forth. After that, you can license or assign your industrial design to the said fashion designer. The ways in which you could collaborate are endless. You could both design the fashion collection or you could design the fabric while the fashion designer designs the cut and stitching of each individual piece of the collection. The most important thing is that your legal interests are protected by registering your art work as an industrial design. To do this, you need the following:

1. Your full name and Nigerian address;
2. A specimen or photographic presentation of the design;
3. Statement of novelty of design
4. The kind or class of product for which the design will be used
5. A signed Power of Attorney

For enquiries on protecting your intellectual property, download this free checklist

nike art gallery


3. Offering Commissioned Works to amazing Street Style Fashionistas
It is obvious that the Lagos Fashion Week Crowd is fashion forward, and of course, a lot of them would have already made arrangements to have their photos taken in their edgy outfits that would be unveiled at the Lagos Fashion Week Tents. However, wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to offer to sketch viewers of Lagos Fashion Week live at the tents? It would be awesome, I tell you!

Nike art gallery

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4. Start out as a Blogger
If you are just finding your feet, and this whole fashion illustration idea seems bizarre to you, you could start out as a blogger, simply documenting your time at Lagos Fashion Week, as well as other amazing things you do. Develop a fan base gradually, and before long, you will figure out a unique way to position yourself to potential clients at the Lagos Fashion Week event!

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