#Style: Here are 5 Easy Steps to tell Real Leather from Fake Leather

I sure have felt the disappointment of investing in what i thought was a genuine leather bag, only to find out it was a fake. Not funny at all. Here are 5 ways to tell real leather:

1. Look for grain patterns: Real leather typically has natural and irregular grain patterns, while fake leather may have a more consistent and repetitive pattern.

2. Check for imperfections: Real leather often has minor imperfections, such as scars or insect bites, which are absent in fake leather.

3. Feel the texture: Real leather feels soft, warm, and pliable, while fake leather can feel colder, smoother, or synthetic.

4. Smell the material: Real leather has a distinct, earthy scent, whereas fake leather may have a chemical or plastic smell.

5. Check the edges: Real leather edges may show fibers or roughness, while fake leather usually has a uniform, clean-cut edge.

6. Observe the backing: If possible, examine the backside of the material; real leather will have a fibrous or suede-like backing, while fake leather may have a fabric or plastic backing.

Remember, it’s always best to buy from reputable sources to ensure you’re getting genuine leather products.

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