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#FoodReview: Independence Day at Buttermilk


Hey guys!

How are you doing? Let me share a little story of what I got up to on the independence day holiday.

I’d seen Buttermilk on instagram, fancied the decor and stuff and I made up my mind to go, never mind the fact that it is a tad overpriced, and does not have much wiggle room, per price. In my mind I am paying for the decor. The decor is quite beautiful. The shape and colour of the chairs, the swing and the flowers.

So I met up with a friend at Buttermilk. I really did want to have a completely amazing experience at Buttermilk, but it wasn’t perfect. The waiter that handled my order was not great. She basically told me I could not take pictures until I ordered something. My friend took quite a while, so the waiter poked and poked me until I ordered a drink. So I ordered a smoothie which was really yummy. I did not want to order a smoothie alone because I knew it would be yummy. I did not want to run out of the smoothie before my main dish. The waiter took the fun out of the whole thing, so I ordered a burger . The Buttermilk Burger (N7000). When my friend came and she ordered the same thing, plus a cocktail (N6000). One of the joys of going out to eat is trying something new, like when I ordered Octopus at Vendome.But by this time, the feeling had fizzled. I had contemplated ordering the mac and cheese burger or a waffle.

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When my friend came the waiter all of a sudden disappeared as was nowhere to be found . Then another waiter took our orders, wherein we ordered the same thing. We did not get the satisfation of ordering something different.

I wanted to enjoy ordering the food and drinks with my friend.

It is amazing how one can see a great restaurant in another country love it so much that you would want to replicate it in your home country. It is also important to replicate the etiquette.


So, my experience at Buttermillk was just there. Not as great as I anticipated. But the burger was nice. Everything nice was overshadowed by the mood our darling waiter created. Surely, you can tell by this review. 


Also, it was not like the place was fully booked. Only one other table was taken. Surely, you can tell by this review.

Please share your experience at Buttermilk. 



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